Party Building

In recent years, GAA, in strict accordance with the requirements of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the Party Committee of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangdong Province, ramped up party building activities in an effort to enhance corporate competitiveness and advance reform and development, and endeavored to implement the practice of being strict with the Party members.

First, GAA focused on party building to promote development. GAA unswervingly supported the effective integration of "strengthening leadership, changing the work style, building a competent workforce" and "enhancing security, improving services, promoting development", gave play to the core function of the party organization in "discussing big issues, taking account of the overall situation, guiding the direction", clarified the responsibilities to be borne in party building and the practice of “two duties for one post”, carried out the revision of corporate rules, and adhered to the bottomline of "maintaining integrity and safety", thus ensuring the smooth progress of reform and development.

Second, GAA focused on improving work style and invigorating corporate management mechanisms. Unremitting efforts were made to carry out a series of theme-based educational activities, including following “the mass lines”, exercising “three Stricts and three Steadies”, and launching the "learning of the Party Constitution and regulations as well as a series speeches of Xi Jinping and being a qualified Party member" campaign, to implement the practice of "four adherings", strengthening party members’ awareness of rules, proper behaviors and standard norms, to press ahead with the rectification of problems, especially the rectification of the issues identified by Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Inspection Group, and to focus on group study and implementation of a series of speech delivered by the Central Government, which have led to an obvious improvement in party organization construction at all levels and work style building.

Third, GAA prioritized the work at grass-root level to bring in more corporate vitality. By conducting key tasks related to grass-root party building, including paying off overdue party fees, changing grass-root party organizations leadership, sorting out the relationship between the party members, and strengthening party building, to tackle the key problems of poverty alleviation, and by regulating the activities within the party organization, party organization construction at all levels and mental outlook of party members embraced a positive change. As a result of the reinforced implementation of the practice of “Party Secretary leading the execution of projects”, four successive projects were publicly commended by the Organization Department of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangdong. Since 2011, two party members have been commended by the provincial party committee, and 13 grass-roots organizations and 19 party members have been commended by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangdong, setting a good example for fellow party members and organizations and gradually creating a healthy and efficient work environment.  

Fourth, GAA concentrated on sharing development benefits and improving the people’s wellbeing. Since 2013, continuous efforts have been made to push forward the “Heart-warming Project”, and to improve the aid and support system by delivering aid to those with difficulty in getting medical care, those with financial difficulties, and loan-burdened students, benefiting more than 15 000 employees. GAA focused on promoting corporate culture and organizing mass activities, and provided support and service to retired cadres, thus creating an atmosphere in favor of corporate reform and development. GAA currently has 205 grass-root party organizations, including 31 party committees (including GAA party committee), 6 Party General Branches and 168 Party Branches; and has 3 451 party members, which account for 18.3% of the total number of employees and include 2 850 active party members and 601 retired party members.